The 333 Coaching Plan

As a middle aged busy working woman, I once thought bloating, hormonal swings and weight gain were all just a normal part of ageing. I believed getting comfortable, eating sweet sugary foods as treats and having zero energy to be a norm. 

When the pain of inflammation and fibromyalgia hit I felt far from normal. Is this what is in store for me in my forties & fifties? A miserable life of agony and limitations? It seemed so. Looking around the hospital as I waited on numerous appointments, scans and tests I saw I was a just a very small fish in a huge pond. 

Fast forward to 2021 after climbing my second mountain, eating like a queen with zero bloating and having no hormonal issues I finally sat down and wrote how I did it.

I learnt that I had to undo all of my own doing. Change my thoughts, food, stress, sleep and the way I exercised. I had never in my life seen anything out there that really gets to the root of the problem.

Inflammation is a response, pain is a communication and pain killers did not work for me. They actually took away my mental focus and confidence.

Enough was enough and with the knowledge I had as a plant based nutritionist and yoga teacher I embarked on a journey of healing.

We are our own healers and I believe that what is done can also be undone. What rises will fall and what is broken can be repaired.

The human body has everything it needs but without the right nutrition, oxygen levels, alkalinity, strength and ease, there will become a lack of ease in the body. Commonly known as dis-ease.

I decided to get on the same team as my body instead of working against it.

A clean plant based diet with mindful structured exercise, intermittent fasting, meditation and deep breathing, all contributed to assisting my body to heal.

It was an exciting breakthrough and I would like to share it all with you.