The 333 Plan | Workshops

This plan works with three main elements of your life simultaneously:

1. Physical Health

2. Mental Health

3. Spiritual Health

The 333 plan is a modern day approach to enlightenment

1. Heal the body and mind

2. Discover happiness 

3. Live the life of your dreams

4. Become aware of your purpose

5. Start living an extraordinary life

6. Eat to thrive and feel energetic

7. Structure your thoughts positively

8. Connect to your own deep inner wisdom

9. Exercise kindly and mindfully

10. Enjoy deep relaxation methods and meditation

This plan will help to start an inspiring journey

 You are the creator of your life and the creation starts with only one small step

Learning new ways to incorporate meditation and presence into modern life. Dealing with partners, children, parents, self awareness, confidence and self love.

Managing self love and spirituality around your job, the housework and in your daily life.

When you are strong, healthy and peaceful you are in a position to give.