My Food Plan ebook
My Food Plan ebook
My Food Plan ebook

My Food Plan ebook

The 333 plan

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This is my ebook which contains all the information about the way I eat and prepare food. Managing a busy lifestyle alongside your health journey.

I developed this plan to provide support for a high level of health.

The 333 plan is about simplicity and this plan is exactly that. 

It is a high raw plant based plan and it has many choices to allow freedom and ease. 

Fruits and vegetables are often available seasonally and this plan works with what you have available on the day.

It is a downloadable link to the ebook and does not have a personalised section for your specific health or direct support. You can purchase the personalised plan for £29.99.

This plan also contains a 7 day audio recording and a relaxation meditation.

If you would like a personalised plan, please purchase the personal coaching plan which contains this ebook also.

You will receive your plan via email so please provide your email address on purchase.